I have been working at Verve Coffee Roasters since May of 2013 while completing my bachelor’s degree at UCSC. I am originally from Sonora, California, a small town in the heart of the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains known for its mining history. I chose to study anthropology because I am fascinated by the human capacity and the way we can unite through our shared humanity despite cultural, socioeconomic, language and geographic differences. Coffee has been a central feature of my life for the last ten years. I started out in a small drive through hut serving smoothies, then worked for Starbucks for seven years, and in between made some lattes for a nonprofit organization as well. It wasn’t until I moved to Santa Cruz and got my job at Verve when I found a way to bring together my love for people and my love for coffee into a paper that would inform my academic career at UCSC and propel me into greater success at Verve.IMG_4097

In April of 2015, this thesis won the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research.

The reason why this site exists is for my coworkers and colleagues to learn about what Verve does at Farmlevel, opportunities we have to improve our program for the future, and to put names and faces to the delicious coffees we serve every day. To me, the most important part of my job is honoring our producers and supporting them at every stage of the supply chain. Without them, Verve wouldn’t exist. I am so fortunate to be working at Verve and I am eager to use what I have studied to contribute to our Farmlevel program for the years to come.


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